Levasseur began in paints and varnishes in 1847. Along its path, our company has constantly moved with the changing times in the development of state-of-the-art paint formulas.

In 2011 our latest management team has modernized its approach to delivering excellence in paints, varnishes and protective coatings. The now named ‚Levasseur Newco’ is a customer-centric and service oriented organization.

Despite the changes one clear thread remains – we strive to suit the progressive paint, varnish and coatings needs of industry, including the wood, metal and construction. This extensive history and commitment has ensured a well-established reputation in top quality, high-tech varnishes and high quality paints.

In the mid-eighties our company was the pioneers of ‚anti-graffiti’ technology. Levasseur’s solution was the first innovative product in revolutionary coating technology on the market.

This technology protects surfaces from environmental attack and helps ease the cleaning of unsightly graffiti ‚tags’. From its beginnings it was widely used for public transport, train stationsand public monuments throughout Belgium. This technology soon spread throughout Europe to France, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.

During the 90’s our company added the original formulation of metallic paints for export. The new management has also enlarged the range to include paints for buildings. This ensures a full pallet for the professional painter.

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Dodaj trochę ciepła i życia powierzchniom dzięki naszym farbom metalicznym. Idealne krycie sprawi, że meble nabiorą królewskiego charakteru a dekoracje zostaną odpowiednio podkreślone.